My Ideas for Hubballi – Dharwad and Progress


I have an objective of setting up five “ Institutes of Excellence” in Hubballi- Dharwad, of which we have already established the Teachers’ Training Institute, Police Training Institute and International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT).

Art and Culture:

With an objective of preserving and showcasing our rich heritage, I have taken it upon myself to bring an Art Complex (KalaMandira) to Dharwad. This complex will focus on art, music, dance and theatre and encourage local and upcoming talent.

Job Creation:

My efforts would be focused towards providing blue-collar jobs for the masses and towards identifying adequate white-collar jobs for asset creation. In addition, I would like to support and encourage  entrepreneurship.

Urban development:

The need of the hour is ‘Effective and Efficient Town Planning,” and I will be working with the people towards planned urban development in Hubballi-Dharwad.

As part of this initiative, an all-inclusive, multi-purpose “City Center” will be constructed in a timely manner.


A centralized “drug procurement system” is necessary for Karnataka, so that citizens can avail all life-saving drugs at reasonable pricing.


With an objective to promote sports, I am working on getting a state-of –the-art “Sports Complex” constructed in Dharwad at the earliest.


Setting up a “Wildlife Park” in the Hubballi-Dharwad area is on the offing. This would showcase the rich wildlife of the state and serve as a major tourist attraction in the twin-cities.


I want to turn agriculture into a profitable business and make sure that every farmer in Hubballi – Dharwad lives a respectable life. I have constructed check dams in the Hubballi – Dharwad area, which has provided  continuous supply of water for irrigation throughout the year.

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